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Rhula Intelligent Solutions (Rhula) specialises in the provision of intelligence-led risk management services to multinational companies, financial institutions and private clients operating in Africa.

Our objective is to offer clients seamless solutions for asset protection in highrisk political and security environments. Risk is compounded by that which you do not understand – asking the right questions will minimize your risk and lead to the optimum solution.

Our vision is to offer clients a discreet network of senior political and security risk analysts with first-hand knowledge of each country, its political and business elite, its macro-economic structure as well as the political and security risks involved. In the African corporate environment, good governance, transparency and social responsibility is essential to the success of foreign direct investment.

There is an absolute need to comply with the principles of “Security and Human Rights” as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. In the security field there is also the need to adhere to the Montreux Document on private military and security companies. Finally, we believe the transfer of knowledge and empowerment of local human resources is an essential part of our function. Emphasis is place on inservice training of the client’s key employees, ensuring quality and continuity of service-delivery.

Rhula Intelligent Solutions

Rhula is a Private Risk Management Company providing risk management services to multinational companies, non-governmental organisations and private clients operating in Africa.

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